Premium Virtual Pinball Machine - 4K 120hz - Full Size Force Feedback - $8,495 (Grove City)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: VPcabs
model name / number: 49UVP4D70
size / dimensions: 52x26x70
This is a brand new premium Virtual Pinball Machine with a large full size 49" industrial 4K 120hz playfield monitor.
Play every pinball machine ever made on this ultra-realistic ULTRA VP Virtual Pinball Machine. This is the most advanced "commercially available" full-force feedback AccuFeel™ enabled 4D Virtual Pinball Machine available.

Replay the entire history of pinball (over 1500 Tables) with the Visual Pinball emulator. Also includes Future Pinball, Zen Studios Pinball FX, and a Jukebox with over 2000 music videos, all in a single unit. No game boredom with only a single mechanical pinball game and more importantly no mechanical maintenance that plague mechanical pinball machines. MUST SEE THIS TO BELIEVE IT - you can schedule a time to play it in person at our showroom in Grove City (south side of Columbus, Ohio).

You can watch gameplay video on our RecRoomWorld YouTube channel!
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More details...
Just like the name implies, the ULTRA VP is the best at everything it does! This incredible machine sucks you into the game with our advanced tactile feedback system (DOF mechanical full force feedback). You'll feel every knock, click and shake that you would feel on a mechanical pinball machine.

Grab a hold of the real plunger and let her rip! About to drain a ball? Go ahead and shove the machine left or right for that last second death save, because our built in nudge sensor let's this virtual ball behave as if it was real (don't say anything, it doesn't know it's not a real ball).

The RGB LED Strobes further suck you in with a stunning visual light show controlled by each individual game. It even features under cab game controlled DOF RGB LED strips.

Ball motion physics are ultra realistic and allows you to replay all you favorite pinball tables all in one single gorgeous pinball cabinet. You are sure to lose track of time playing these immersive pinball tables!

We cannot emphasize this enough... this enhanced ULTRA VP Virtual Pinball Machine is compatible with over two thousand Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, and Pinball FX tables!

Showroom in Grove City, south side of Columbus Ohio.

This unit includes (full specifications below):

- 4K industrial IPS UHD industrial Display Monitors (edge-to-edge bezel free widebody design - we do not use TVs)

- Mechanical DOF Full Force Haptic Feedback (8 Solenoids, 2 Contactors, Shaker Motor, Gear Motor) with ON/OFF Switches

- Digital Nudging (with Slam Tilt Support)

- Digital Plunger (enables skill shots)

- DOF game controlled RGB Flashers (with ON/OFF Switch)

- DOF game controlled under cab RGB LED Strips (with ON/OFF switch)

- Game activated Air Fan

Your choice of licensed or custom designed Cabinet Artwork is included. Over 400 artwork choices available. Ask us to custom design (if desired) to match your interior, favorite sports team, organization, etc... (a good example is our custom Baylor design).

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