Many Great Toolboxes - $1 (Columbus)

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make / manufacturer: Craftsman

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****The right top box in the main picture is sold.

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The toolboxes are as follows:

Pic 1: 4 piece twin set: $650 for all 4 pieces OR

$150-Left Top (has keys)

$200-Left Bottom

$125-Right Bottom.

When I was using them, I put standard tools in the left side and metric tools in the right.

-First of all the two topboxes are pretty much the same size. I had the right top box sitting forward because I still had stuff behind it on the pegboard.
-Top Left (Pics 2-3), Homack with 2 keys (barrel, round key lock) 26"x13-5/8"x19-1/4", top 2-1/2" deep + 1-1/2" in lid, bottom drawer 2-1/2"deep, all others 1-1/2".
-Bottom Left (No extra pics): 5 drawer, rolling. 26-1/2"x18"x43". All drawers nice and have white foam liners, top 2 drawers 2-1/2"deep, 3rd is 3-3/4", 4th-5th are 6" deep.

Right Top is sold.

Right bottom (Pic 4) Measurements the same as Left hand pieces.

Other toolboxes pictured:

Pics 5-6: 8 Drawer lifting lid, has key, closed lid locks drawers (left drawer lock needs fixed).
26"x12"x15", top area 2-3/4"+ 1-1/4" in lid, bottom drawer 2-3/4" deep, all others 1-3/4". $125

Pics 7-8: 4 drawer Craftsman with lock bar for drawers and padlock hasp for lid. 22"x12"x13-1/4". Top lid area 1-1/2"deep + 1-5/8" in lid, 1-5/8" in all 4 drawers. $100

Pic 9: Tan Kennedy Rolling Machinest toolbox (Still produced in Troy, Ohio) This toolchest honestly costs $2400 new today! The red box on top has been sold. 26-5/8"x18-1/8"x33-5/8" (28-5/8" without wheels) Top 3 drawers are 3" deep, drawer 4-5 are 6-1/2". $200

Pics 10-11: StackOn flip open front and top. 25-3/4"x12-1/4"x14", 3" deep bottom drawer, all others are 1-1/2". $150

Pics 12-13: Kennedy with door, 20-1/8"x8-1/2"x13-1/2" tall, top is 3" deep, 4 drawers (1 left 3 Right) 7/8", 1 is 1-7/8", 2 full width 1-5/8" and full width is 2-3/8" deep. $100

Pic 14: Longer Kennedy, 26-5/8"x8-1/2"x13-1/2" the drawer measurements are like the Kennedy above. $125

Pics 15: Kennedy without door. You can find a door for $10 to $20 online. 20-5/8"x 8-1/2"x13-1/2", drawers are same as in pics 15-16. $75

Pics 16-17: Identical, portable Craftsman 3 drawer toolchest, I put standard tools in the red and metric in the black one. 20-5/8"x8-1/2"x12" with all drawers 1-3/4" deep.
$50 each.

Pic 18: Rolling red, 2 drawer cabinet with flip up door storage compartment. 24-2/8"x13"x29-1/4" tall with wheels, 25-3/4" without wheels. Drawers are 3-1/4" deep, bottom opening is 21-5/5"x13-3/4". $75

Pic 19: Homemade 2 drawer cabinet. 21-15/16"x8-1/2"x7-1/2", each drawer is 19-3/16x6-11/16"x1-13/16" deep. $20

Write and ask me anything about these.

*****Thanks for making it through my long ad!

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