Property Maintenance/Handyman (Dayton - Columbus connected and surrounding area)

24 hours/7 days Property Maintenance 614-733-9906. Jobs usually begin at about $80‐100 and go up from there. Each visit is between $10-20 whether fix isn't made or can't be made. Photo ID required to book a job. Clear and open discussion of the idea or repair necessary. Accepting all major Credit Cards.

Why call me?? I charge less than the companies and if I can't help you I can show you more about what needs done so working with an expert is easier.

Will do demolition or haul waste to dump. Will work on some pest and infestation issues, but not a licensed trapper. Simple plumbing, appliance, electrical, carpentry, flooring, drywall, plaster, painting, driveway, sidewalk, pool maintenance, siding, gutters, drains, downspouts, insulation, roofing repair, under $1,000. Small remodeling under $25,000. Don't build additions, finish trim, patios or decks, only repairs. Don't mow lawns or landscape. No EPA license although I can look at HVAC for some diagnostics, the only HVAC I don't perform is coolant recharge. Don't work on public pools. Don't perform radon testing.

Tall, thin, fit, attentive, thoughtful, careful, and work at a steady pace. I have a customer service background of about 5 years through several industries.

About 2 years experience working for companies near Pittsburgh, Columbus and Dublin. Performed maintenance on my apartments for 4 years now. Have helped family with additions, and repairs for years at family properties that they have built.

Please include as detailed description of repair needed so I can be there sooner in case of emergency. I look forward to speaking with you! Available 24/7.

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