PHYSICS w CALC, Math, Chem I,II Tutoring (Online Only) $50/hr, Optics

Tutoring rate. $50/hr, Group Rate, $10 each additional person.


PHYSICS: Physics with Calculus, Mechanics, Statistics/Probability, Quantum Mechanics and Electrodynamics, college and high school level. GRE, MCAT, SAT Physics.

MATH: Calculus I, II, III, Business Calc, Linear Algebra, Econ lin Alg, Differential Equations, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Microsoft Excel, college and high school level. Test preparation for math, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GED and any other entrance exam.
California Contractors State license Board, CSLB exams, math help for, electrictrical/low voltage, carpentry, boiler, concrete, elevator HVAC, plumbing, solar, welding, Chief Architect drafting software.

CHEMISTRY: General College Chemistry I,II, college and high school level.

ESSAY/TERM PAPER: Term paper preparation, presentations and public speaking.

ONLINE TUTORING ONLY, I have a professional Zoom account with unlimited time, Skype or any other video conferencing platform will also work. I have equation editing software, so I can type out the equations we are discussing and share my screen for easy viewing. I can then save the finished work and email the PDF for later review.

I am in the Pacific time zone.
In the Eastern time zone, Your 12 Noon is my 9 am.

I have been tutoring for 6+ years, and I have many students who are all satisfied with my help. I have earned my B.S and M.S. in Physics from San Francisco State University in May 2017. You can confirm my credentials through the WYZANT tutoring website. I have a 5 star rating and I strive to give you the best tutoring experience possible. I have also passed Wyzant’s background checks. You can paste this link into your search window for security. https://www.wyzant.com/Tutors/PhysicsMath_TrevorK
You can also check out my website, https//trevorskelly.com/ for more details on tutoring for physics, math and chemistry and physics research consulting.

Do you need help with your Physics with Calculus classes, or just need help with math? I can help you study for a test or homework. I know how difficult learning physics, math and chemistry can be, and I will help you to avoid the common conceptual mistakes and pitfalls. If you would like help in physics, math or chemistry, feel free to contact me. Many people ask me to do their work for them, here is my response: I WILL NOT COMPLETE YOUR EXAMS, TESTS OR HOMEWORK FOR YOU, PLEASE DO NOT EVEN ASK.

I am well versed in the subjects of Physics with calculus, from kinematics all the way up to special relativity. I can also help you with Calculus I, II, III, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Algebra Trig, and Algebra. Lower level physics and math students are also welcome. I can also help you with general chemistry I, II, which deal with buffers, titration, and rates of reaction (kinetics).

I live in the bay area and I offer high quality online tutoring. My hourly rate is $50. I accept students of all ages.

My name is Trevor, please contact me through the Craigslist messenger.

Optics Experience/Physics Research and Development

I can assist with Research and Development of specific physics, optics, photonics and fluid dynamics application ideas from original conception to completion. Currently I am a self-employed research consultant and private tutor. Please check my website, https//trevorskelly.com/ for more information.

Please inquire if you would like more details.

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