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Do you use Craig's List? I hope you do.

I am sorry you are in a position where you feel you need to steal, and more specifically, to steal from people in our neighborhood, most of whom are probably no better off than you.
Since you stole an outgoing package off of my front porch, the insurance I purchased from USPS will not cover my loss.

So here is what you got:

* An NES Classic. Clearly the prize of the box, and I am sure you were delighted to find it, but let me at least share with you it's reason for being there. That was a Christmas gift from me to my husband... I was lucky enough to snag one before the holiday. He was delighted, a real Nintendo fan. But my parents were visiting for the holidays and my dad really liked it. He used to play the original NES for hours, and played a lot with my little brother. My dad is disabled and recliner-bound. He doesn't have much to do besides watch TV. My little brother died a year ago. My parents are both still struggling with his death. Because the Classic is so hard to get, my husband decided to graciously give up his Christmas gift and send it to my dad, both to help with his boredom and give him something nice to remind him of my brother, to celebrate his life and the time they spent together, rather than dwelling on his death. As you could see from the letter, it was sent as a (very) early Father's day gift... We are not in any position to be giving away $60, even if we really want to. Waiting for Father's day didn't seem right either, and my dad's health gets worse every day and the anniversary of my brother's death just passed, so now was the right time to send it.

* You got a rather plain looking, ugly purple scarf. This scarf means nothing to you and is probably in the trash somewhere. But this was the first piece of crochet work I have ever done. I was sending it to my mom because she crocheted her whole life. Arthritis prevents her from doing this anymore, as it hurts her hands too much, but I knew she would be really happy to see that I was learning and that she had "passed that on" to me. My first ever piece would have meant something to her.

* You got two coasters made from yarn and popsicle sticks. These were made by my daughter for her grandparents.

* You got my mom's used size seven sneakers... She left them out here when they visited at Christmas. Since they are both disabled and on a limited income, decent sneakers aren't just to be thrown away.

* You got a prepaid postage label and a flat rate mail box. My parents had some stuff to send back, so I wanted them to be able to do it without the expense. Again, both disabled, limited income.

* You got a letter from us to my parents excitedly detailing some of the above.

Not a lot! My guess is that everything above except the classic is now in a trash can somewhere. But that is the stuff that is least replaceable. We can probably get another NES before Father's day really comes, but I can never make another "first" crochet.

There is still some time, garbage day here is not until tomorrow. If you can just send me an anonymous message right here and let me know where you dumped the box, I might be able to at least recover some of that.
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