8 Black Widow Racing Homers - $240 (Mechanicsburg, Ohio)

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8 Black Widow, racing homers, also known as homing pigeons for sale for $240.00 for all 8. If handled and conditioned properly, the young birds they produce should perform well in mid to long distance races. The young birds produced should be good out to 500 miles after 6 months of age. They can return from further distances their second year of age.

Homing pigeons are commonly used for racing and to carry messages. Some people mount small cameras on them and use them as living drones.

Young homing pigeons are easy to train to a new loft. To train them, for the first week you have the young homers, every time you feed them make a consistent noise. You can whistle, shake a can of feed or say anything you want as long as it stays the same. They will associate the sound with being fed and this will be your feed call.

The second week place a cage on the outside on your landing board, so that the pigeons can only enter the loft, not fly away. Put the pigeons in the cage wait a couple of minutes for them to settle down and then do the feed call and feed them. They will try to get in to get the feed and thus learn how to trap into the loft. Do this every day.

The third week, if all is going well, skip their feed for a day, but give them water and an hour before dark put them on the board. Slowly remove the cage, so that you do not startle them, enter the loft, do the feed call and feed them. They should immediately enter. If they do not they should still try to get back in to sleep in the loft.

Do this every other day, but give them half of what they will eat in the morning and the rest when they enter during the training in the evening.

The fourth week if all is going well, skip there feed and in the evening put them on the board remove the cage and stand back and watch them for half an hour before calling them in. They may enter right away at first, but eventually they will start circling around and landing on higher perches.

Always make sure they are slightly hungry when you fly them and that they have food waiting for them in the loft.

Once they start routing, flying in big circles out of sight, put them in the cage you will release them from and let them go in several different places in your yard. This acclimates them to being in the cage.

If this is going well start releasing them at about 1 mile away from all different directions.

Slowly increase the distance you release them at until you have them trained out the distance you want them to fly.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about homing pigeons.

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