Pure Brown Chinese Geese (Swan Goose) Day Old Goslings Baby Chicks - $20 (Marengo)

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condition: new
Up for sale are organically raised Pure Bred Brown Chinese Geese (Swan Goose) Day Old GOSLINGS (baby geese). Chinese geese lay THE MOST NUMBER OF EGGS by far among all breeds of goose. They are also known to be an excellent natural weed control as well as great guards to protect other poultry flocks. Our geese stand guard at night not letting any raccoon, possum, etc get close to our chicken coop area. I've even seen them chase away foxes. They do not attack or harm humans (even small children), though they try their best to scare away anyone who approaches their territory by making loud noise and taking defensive postures if you get too close. They are also a great deterrent against hawk attacks as long as they are in the same area as your chickens. Ever since we added these geese to our other poultry flocks we've been able to free range our chickens with rarely having issues with hawk attacks. These geese grow very fast and as long as you have enough grass available for them, they are one of the lowest cost sources of organic eggs and meat as they do not require any additional feed beside the grass. All our birds are raised organically without use of any chemicals, medications (including antibiotics), supplements etc.

Price: $20 per gosling (Unsexed Straight Run)
Pick up Location: Marengo, OH ~ 5 min from I-71 exit 140

If interested please email me with your desired quantity and pick up time and I'll get back to you ASAP.
Please NOTE: Due to CL messaging issues, if you don't get a response back please CHECK your JUNK BOX. If you still do not receive a response from me within 24 hrs please email again and be sure to include either your email address or a contact number.

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