Von Schweikert VR-4 Speakers - $1,450 (Campus)

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Up for sale is a set of audiophile classics, the Von Schweikert VR-4 full range floor standing speakers. The VR-4 was initially released in the early 90’s to critical acclaim and a few grumbles from dealers who thought Albert had them priced too low at a MSRP of $3999.

The VR-4 is a three way system with separate mid/treble and bass modules weighing in at over 120lbs per side. Two heavy duty 8” woofers in the bass cabinet and a 1” metal dome tweeter and 5.25” Audax carbon fiber mid in the mid/high cabinet with a rear firing tweeter at the rear. Stunning bass, wonderful midrange and articulated treble with awe-inspiring imaging if set up correctly, the VR-4 was considered the audiophile bargain of the early 90’s and a lot of dealers let Albert know he was pricing them too low.

This pair was in need of some work, one mid was dead, and the woofers on the right one needed new surrounds and there was something rattling around in the bass cabinet of that one as well.

The mid on the left one was replaced with a new Audax HM130CO, both woofers on the right were pulled and re-foamed and I found the rattle in that bass cabinet was due to the two large inductors coming loose from the x-over board so I pulled the board, remounted, glued and re-strapped them with nylon ties.

Cosmetically, these were a little dated with golden oak top and bottom panels and mid-spacer, so all the oak was stripped, sanded lightly and finished in three coats of tung oil for a matte finish that popped the grain and gave some contrast to them.
The original socks were golden/tan and I was planning on making new ones in black but haven’t gotten around to it so I’m offering this set as is. The original socks are included to use as templets or you can reuse them if your so desire, but I think black would be the way to go. Bonus of buying them as is, is that you can inspect the drivers to your hearts content, after having the VR-4’s and several pairs of Vandersteen’s I’d almost rather buy them this way than to get them home and find surprises down the road.

Set up and ready to demo, all the original trim rings and hardware included, even the cheesy little VR4 plastic letters for the mid-trim panel.

Feel free to email any questions.

Can demo.

If the ads still up, they're still available.

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