Beginner Friendly Indoor Bonsai - Hard To kill - $7 (Columbus)

Selling beginner-friendly bonsai/houseplants I have made so you can bring nature intonyour home, try a new hobby, or get some plant therapy into your life. These are hard to kill species and I will provide full care instructions.
Species available include jade (picture 2) gollum jade (picturr 1), dwarf jade (picture 1 and more not pictured), and others not pictured (dwarf olive, ficus benjamina, ficus macrocarpa, avocado, & thanksgiving cactus). Prices range by size and species from $7.5-$70. All are in ceramics customized for bonsai with drainage holes added to ensure their health. Message me which you are interested in and I can send updated pictures and the price. These pictures are a few weeks old now.

Artist/Local Resources:
All of these plants were propagated and started their bonsai training here in Ohio by me/InVivoBonsai. I also added the drainage holes to these everyday item ceramics to make them functioning bonsai pots. I will give you my contact info in case you have questions about caring for your bonsai in the future. The Columbus Bonsai Society is another great resource.

All of these pictured can be grown indoors year-round if given a window space or a grow light. Some can even tolerate low light spots but grow very slowly there. To accelerate their bonsai transformation, try growing them outside in summer, they get about 50x more light even compared to the best window.
All are potted in good granular bonsai soil and have drainage holes which combines to prevents overwatering and allow air into the pot. For the hardest to kill succulent species, watering should be done 1-2x/week or, once the leaves become soft/wrinkly, they need water. You can water also whenever the soil is dry; in bonsai soil, overwatering is much harder. The non succulents should be monitored more closely and must be watered every time the soil dries. (2-3x/week).

Pickup in northern upper Arlington, OH. Delivery is also availabe for under 5 miles or for a $10 fee beyond that if <30 min away. Can also ship.

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